Preparedness Priorities

Preparedness Priorities
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Personal preparedness means different things depending on who you are and what your situation is.

To an inhabitant of the Florida Keys, preparedness means having items to outlast a hurricane.

To a city dweller, preparedness might be having a can of mace in her purse. To a survivalist, preparedness might mean having a semi trailer loaded with M14 rifles buried in the back yard. Depending on the situation, any of these definitions might be appropriate.
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“Second Tier” List of Recommended Specialty Books

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I subscribe to a Good, Better, Best philosophy when it comes to preparedness resources.  I would rather have a good piece of equipment RIGHT NOW, than have plans to buy the best most ultimate piece of gear someday.  Then as I learn to use that good piece of equipment, it helps me know what too look for when I have the resources to upgrade.

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Dealing With Family That Doesn’t Understand Prepping

Dealing With Family That Doesn't Understand Prepping
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Any person who has begun to seriously prepare has had to make compromises between current wants and future needs, how much to spend on preparations, and how many people to stock supplies for.  If you’re married, you need to have a spouse that shares your concerns or you’re going to fight over every no. 10 can the mailman delivers.

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Guest Post: Quick and Easy Tips to Make Sure Your Household is Prepared

household_emergency_preparedness_11_1Preparedness and planning resources have been a main topic of conversation on this site for quite some time. Preparedness is worth investing time into in order to ensure the safety and security for yourself and your family. In addition to taking the necessary steps to prepare a household for emergencies, it’s also important to establish a plan for protecting your home and saving specific items. Since recent data shows intense weather being the most frequent and main cause of death, it could be anything from a hurricane, to a home break-in that impacts your family. Because of this, knowing what items will keep you safe and allow you to feel secure moving forward is absolutely crucial. Continue reading “Guest Post: Quick and Easy Tips to Make Sure Your Household is Prepared”