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Welcome to Shepherd School – let us help you learn how to protect your family


cropped-logo.jpgThose that know me personally know that the quest for self-sufficiency and general preparedness is part of my core values.  I don’t subscribe to a single hazard mentality, but spend my time and energy developing a lifestyle of skills and knowledge that serves me in day to day situations as well as normal and high order emergencies.

The purpose of the Shepherd School is to be a source of information, guidance, and fellowship for anyone interested in building personal preparedness skills.  As this blog grows, I intend to begin teaching some of these skills in small classes that are very similar in style to my firearm courses.

We chose the name Shepherd School as a nod toward the sheepdog mentality so prevalent in the area of armed defense.  We believe that the only way to stop bad men using violence is to have good men that are prepared to do violence against evil.  However as we grew and developed our personal philosophy and mindset I realized that fighting against men was only a small part of my duty as a family-man and citizen.  Since the sheepdog meme limits itself to fighting wolves to protect the sheep, I decided to grow – and since a Shepherd protects his flock against all hazards – man made and natural – then the idea of being a Shepherd more closely paralleled my chosen path.

At the Shepherd School, we teach more than guns and gun fighting – we also teach self-sufficiency, personal independence, self-reliance, and how to prepare yourself and your family against all hazards that are likely to impact your family’s safety.

What you can expect from this site is the truth – we don’t blindly recommend things we have only read about – we believe your family deserves nothing less than the full honesty of someone that has done everything they are teaching.  We do not claim to be experts in preparedness.  We are simply people that are constantly on the search for new knowledge about the best techniques to prepare for and thrive during disasters.  That is why we shoot so many videos – so you can see for yourself that we have done what we are talking about.