Tin Can Grill

Tin Can Grill

DSCN0519Here is an idea I got from pinterest, it is a small homemade grill made from a can, some foil, and a round charcoal grate.

I think this is optimized for a #10 can, but like most of my projects, once you have the concept you can feel free to experiment based upon your needs and materials at hand.

Construction is simple:

  • Mark the top of the can into 10 equally wide segments.
  • Using tin snips cut along these marks until you have 10 strips that are 2/3 as long as the depth of the can (this leaves the bottom 1/3 in one piece to keep the round shape.
  • Bend these strips out so they radiate outwards. Do not press them all the way down, they should form a dish.
  • Place aluminum foil over the can, so that it forms a bowl supported by the 10 strips.
  • Insert charcoal into bowl, and light – take care not to use so much that the mound of fuel rises above the top of the bowl.
  • Place grate on grill, so that it is supported by the metal strips.
  • Grill food and enjoy.

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