Recipe: Zucchini Chips

Recipe: Zucchini Chips
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My wife takes her journey to get healthy ever bit as serious as I treat my journey toward self reliance.  She does not “diet” she makes lifestyle choices.

As such she is constantly on the lookout for healthy foods that taste good and satisfy the desires for sweet, salty, or savory.

While I don’t really like Zucchini, these baked zucchini chips are easy to make, relatively inexpensive, and my wife likes to snack on them – which makes a win in my book.  They aren’t bad, my wife actually says she likes them.  I can tolerate them, but they sure aren’t pringles…

I am not going to write out instructions for these chips, because I’d rather you watch the video and give my wife some positive feedback in the comments to show her that her effort to share her journey to get healthy is appreciated by more than just me.

By the way, she lost over 80 pounds this summer – and foods like this are a big reason why.

Genny eats these zuchini chips on the weekend when she wants something crispy to snack on.  She also takes these to parties as a snack.  Try them, I bet you will like them also.

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