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At Dave’s Homestead (also on Facebook and Twitter) you will find articles on how do do things. I work hard to be a source of great DIY prepper projects.   I am a regular guy with a regular 40+ hour a week job.  I don’t have the money to build a million dollar bunker stocked with pallets of food.

The fact that I am not rich does not mean I can’t prepare for disaster.  I just have to be smarter, more efficient, and work harder for the same results.  The more than 1500 posts and hundreds of DIY Prepper Projects found here attest to that.

Luckily, while my career choices haven’t made me a fortune they have allowed me to become rich in information.  I turn that information into DIY prepper projects that anyone can do.

I use my experiences as an emergency manager, graduate student,  firearm instructor, criminal justice adjunct instructor, correction officer, and correction academy instructor; as well as a lifetime of personal preparedness advocacy to create my prepper projects and share knowledge.

As a DIY prepper, I am not perfect.  People that do things tend to make mistakes.  I learn from my mistakes and willingly wade through internet trolls and haters to save you from making those same mistakes.

I have a lot of guest posts from people that also want to share ideas with the readers of Dave’s Homestead.  I don’t do a lot of vetting of the articles – if it is categorized as a guest post I did not write it.  Otherwise the information comes from my own first hand experience.

If I wrote it, I did it – I did not read about it once and regurgitate it as fact.  I got up and spent some time and energy trying it out.

I videotape almost everything I do on this site (unless my camera is down).  If it works I show it, if it doesn’t I show it.  I make mistakes.  I sometimes have an out of focus video, or my thumb is over the phone camera.

I don’t have a team of production assistants, most times my wife is mad at me and won’t even hold my camera.

In short I am a real person trying to do things for the betterment of the prepper community and the world.  I believe in what I do.

I hope that my work documenting making DIY prepper projects and information is helpful to you.

Please feel free to contact me.  I want to hear from you

Dave’s Homestead is not a place to go to find pinterest perfection.   You won’t find pretty techniques here – actually experts tend to cringe at my duct taped solutions.  What I look for are things that work with a moderate level of skill and resource input.  In other words the things here are for DIY preppers – we need it to work, to work now, and to work without fancy equipment.

I want things that real people can do without spending years gaining special skills.  For that I am willing to give up a degree of reliability, longevity, and ease of use.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.  You can have things that are cheap, that work, or are easy – and you can pick any two.

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