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15 Things to Do with Eggshells

15 Things to Do with Eggshells
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Like most DIYers, Preppers, or Homesteaders  I believe that you need to reduce what you buy.  You should make do and reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Frugal use of my resources allows me to have more resources.

Not all of these 15 things to do with eggshells are practical for everyone.  However, almost everyone uses eggs to some extent.  I am sure some of these will be useful to you.

15 Things to Do with Eggshells

  1. When I have chickens I feed them to my flock to boost their calcium intake.
  2. My neighbors have some kids that love sidewalk chalk.  If you take a half dozen finely ground eggshells, a teaspoon of flour, another of hot water, and some food coloring, you can mix and pack tightly to make a cheap biodegradable chalk block
  3. While I do not have personal experience with this I have read that a freshly cracked shell’s inner membrane makes an all-natural bandage.
  4. For centuries, people have boiled eggshells in their coffee to help clarify the grounds and reduce bitterness.
  5. Slugs or snails don’t like crawling over sharp pieces of shell.  Breaking the egg shell into small pieces will deter pests if you sprinkle it in your garden.
  6. Not only can shell keep the slugs away, since blossom end rot in tomatoes is caused by a calcium deficiency. If you put shells in the bottom of the hole when transplanting your plants you will reduce this problem
  7. Calcium supplements made from powdered eggshell are commonly sold.  If you search the internet for “eggshell calcium supplement” you will find MULTIPLE sites telling you how to powder eggshell to be able to ingest it.
  8. If you are careful , you can use the shells for mini seedling pots.
  9. To help brighten your whites, put a handful of clean eggshells and 2 slices of lemon in a cheesecloth bag with your clothes in the washer.
  10. Compost them
  11. If you don’t compost, and don’t want to spread them in the bottom of a transplant hole, you can sow them directly on the soil (or mix with vinegar until it dissolves, and spray on the soil)
  12. Add add 1/4 of a clean egg shell to your water kefir while it’s brewing.  This provides nourishment to the culture.
  13. Crushed egg shells work great to scrub pans that have food stuck in them.
  14. Break eggshell into small pieces, mix with water, and then blend to clean and sharpen blender blades.
  15. To get extra calcium you can add finely ground shells to broth when you are making it fresh.
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