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1894 North American Bows and Arrows

North American Bows and Arrows
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This is not the only archery download on this website, I like archery, and even though I have not spent to the time necessary to be good at it, I have spent enough time practicing to recognize the skill it takes to competently use a bow.

In America archery developed differently than in Europe, so North American bows and arrows look different and have different characteristics.

This particular PDF was scanned from a book of Archaeology held in the Harvard library, it talks specifically about bows and arrows of our Native American tribes and how the bows were used, made, and developed.

Since these bows were handmade from local material, this document holds information that a prepper in a long term end of the world as we know it scenario may find useful.

As a DIY hobbyist, I find this book to be cool just for the information, regardless of its likelihood of use.  This is especially true since, as a child, I attempted to make my own bow on several different occasions.

That is to say, I attempted to hand scrape a bow as described in Tom Brown’s book on wilderness survival.

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