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2012 Emergency Response Guide

2012 Emergency Response Guide
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The Emergency Response Guidebook published by the US Department of Transportation, developed jointly with Transport Canada and the Secretariat of Transport and Communications is used by firefighters, police, and other emergency response personnel who may be the first to arrive on the scene of a transportation incident regarding dangerous goods/hazardous materials.

The primary purpose of the Guide is to provide immediate information regarding the chemical, therefore allowing them to take appropriate action to protect themselves and the general public.

You can find ERG aps for you phone, and I have one, but for those times when I don’t have signal I keep a ERG in my car.

Those diamond shaped placards on tractor trailers that have the 4 digit codes correspond to entries in the guidebook so you can see what the truck is carrying.

Additionally it tells first responders the basic information for a quick response.  I have used this guidebook for initial emergency response on hundreds of accidents during my time in emergency management operations, but the quickness of the ERG means the information is pretty basic – we always went to more complete chemical guides within 10 or 15 minutes of an accident.  Of course, if your not a responder, in 10 or 15 minutes you should be way up wind of any chemical spill.

If you ever wanted to know just what was in the truck next to you on the interstate, then the Emergency Response Guidebook will tell you.

if it’s 1203 its gasoline 1204 is nitroglycerin, so don’t get them confused.

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