21 Days to Basic Preparedness eBook

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21 Days to Basic Preparedness eBook

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21 Days to Basic Preparedness sets up a common sense plan to quickly begin a journey to personal preparedness. It draws upon decades of my experience as a prepper, as well as the professional training I received as an emergency management planner for government.

This is a practical document that covers mindset, planning, basic kits, food and water storage, as well as how to test and review your disaster plan.

This short document is geared for those new to disaster preparedness, giving them a a strong foundation without overloading them with too much information.

We have a no questions asked refund on this ebook (we will want to know why your not satisfied of course, but we will refund your purchase price no matter your answer.)

I think this is a pretty good book for beginning preppers, it covers the basics is a very accessible manner – its only a little over 30 pages, but the information is a great way to start down the preparedness path.

When writing it I called upon both my experience as a prepper, as well as the questions I get asked when I teach emergency management classes, and the knowledge I have gather working in this field for close to 15 years.

21 Days

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