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21 Days to Basic Preparedness: Book Review


I decided to try my hand at DIY publishing on the kindle. This particular ebook has been around in various ways on my site for a few years.  I enhanced it and put it out on Kindle.

It takes a while (21 days its said) to make a habit. This book is about making the habit to be better prepared.

What I did was take all the academic training I have in Emergency Management, add in the experience I have earned working for a state emergency management agency as an operations officer and planner, and filter it through the viewpoint of a prepper to get something not commonly found in this niche. That is a scientific approach to prepping.

21 Days to Basic Preparedness is a basic guide, and its not got a lot of specifics on how to can food or put together a solar generator (you can find specifics all through this site). What it does is address things like how to plan or and how to test your plan.

I am offering this exclusively through Amazon.  Currently 21 Days to Basic Preparedness is only available as an eBook.  However, the plan is to create a paper copy also.

Because I want to offer great information that is useful to you, I have posted the Amazon preview to  21 Days to Basic Preparedness so that you know exactly what you are getting when you buy this ebook.

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