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Shooting: 22 Sensitive Exploding Targets


Shooting: 22 Sensitive Exploding Targets
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I like using binary exploding targets when exposing new shooters to the joys of shooting.

It rewards the shooter and gives immediate positive feedback. I haven’t used them as much as I could because of the expense, and the fact that typical exploding targets need a centerfire rife to detonate.

When I found the Last Man Standing targets, I knew they had something special. Their targets are affordable, and they have some that are reliably detonated by .22lr.

I did learn that when using .22 Sensitive Exploding Targets, you get much more reliable detonation when you attach them to a hard surface with the enclosed stickers.  I was able to get some to detonate against the ground, but it was MUCH more satisfying when the detonated against a hard target.

I also learned in my last pumpkin shooting video, that while one 22 Sensitive Exploding Targets makes a nice satisfying crack, mixing all ten and shooting at one time makes a scary big “boom” – I won’t do that again for a while…

There are a lot of manufacturers of binary targets, but I find this one to be affordable and innovative.  I particularly like their 22 targets.

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  1. Richard Martin Richard Martin

    hoe do i purchase this for black powder riles and pistols

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