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4 Great Design Ideas for Your Office

4 Great Design Ideas for Your Office
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If you’ve recently relocated to a new building you may be stuck for renovation ideas to bring the space to life. Your main considerations should be the practicality, comfort and aesthetics when it comes to designing your office. You could be working with a blank canvas or you might need to breathe some life into an old, tried room. Either way, there are plenty of ways you can create something amazing that works for your business. Read on for the best design ideas for your office:

 Open Plan

 Gone are the days of stuffy restricted offices where you’re expected to work behind your divider wall with no communication with the outside world. Open plan offices have become increasingly popular, aiming to open up the space. It transforms the room into an environment with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This has also helps with collaboration between departments, consequently improving employee morale. It’s been found that employees work better and far more effectively with an open plan office. If you still need a place for meetings with clients, then you can always create a separate space specifically for this purpose.

Decoration for The Office

Keep the room light and bright by using light or neutral colours, with the only other dominant colour being that of your brand. Using light colours will also mean that your room has a timeless look and won’t ever be outdated. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to mix textures and patterns to add some depth and bring the room to life.

In addition, having artwork across the walls is not only visually pleasing, but it shows you have a happy and fun workplace. You can dot artwork around the office or even have a dedicated wall. Using artwork that’s relevant to your business is the perfect way to finish off your office design; this could be company statistics, achievements or employee work.

Let in Plenty of Light

 If you’ve moved to a high-rise building in the city centre, then you may be lucky enough to have panoramic views across the office. Make the most of these by allowing as much light in as possible, taking a look at the best types of blinds that will allow you to filter light. This way you can have complete control over the natural light in the office. This will also allow for privacy when you need it.

If you’re working in an office with limited windows or in a home office, then try not to have any bulky furniture in the way that will block some of the light. You can even install some daylight lightbulbs in areas where they may be little light to make it brighter and more inviting.

Add Some Greenery

Office plants aren’t just for decoration, they are also beneficial to employee’s health. Plants are proven to remove harmful chemicals from the air, giving the room a cleaner, less compact feel. They’re also wonderful to look at – and they don’t even need to be hard work. There are plenty of low maintenance plants including succulents, spider plants, snake plant and even aloe vera that look wonderful in the office but require very little attention. You’ll find this means employees take less sickness days, are less stressed and boosts productivity.

How Will You Design Your Office?

 The way you design your office can have a monumental impact on the business. Consider the best layout that will allow for optimum productivity, which may include switching to an open plan office. You could even compile a short survey for existing employees.  If you’re moving consider asking what changes they’d like to see in the office plan.

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