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Updating the Old Home: 4 Signs You Need New Plumbing Fixtures

Updating the Old Home: 4 Signs You Need New Plumbing Fixtures
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I almost didn’t publish this, but I can’t let the article go without the real reason to update your plumbing – because your wife said to….

Old homes often come with lots of little problems that need to be fixed before they become larger issues. Some of the most common items that need to be repaired or replaced are your plumbing fixtures. Taking care of them early is the best way to protect your home against water damage and other problems. Here are some of the signs you need new plumbing:

Screeching Noises

Older fixtures or plumbing pipes will often make a screeching noise when you turn them on or off. This could be a sign that it’s time to have them replaced before they have a chance to spring a leak. Look into using a bathroom plumber if you notice this noise emanating from your bathroom fixtures. It’s better to have it looked at before it can result in water damage to your home.

Corroded or Broken Pieces

Your fixtures should be in relatively good shape. When you think about it, water is running through them. You don’t want to risk having a blowout that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. Replace them now as a part of your preventive maintenance plan. It will save you money in the long run.

Water Seepage

Faucets and toilets shouldn’t be leaking water around either the base of the faucet or underneath them. This could be caused by a corroded seal inside the fixture itself or some other problem. One option is to replace the seal or the other option is to replace the whole fixture. Your skill level may determine the best course of action for you in tackling this issue.

Age of the Fixture

Fixtures are only designed to last for so long. The interior parts will start to wear out over time. Piping in your walls also have a similar shelf life that will need to be taken into consideration. It’s a good idea to be aware of the type and the age of the pipes that your home contains. This could help you to stay on top on the maintenance instead of the other way around.

Getting ahead of your plumbing issues is the best way to keep your home in good working order. You don’t want to have to be mopping up a water leak just because you ignored the warning signs of an impending plumbing problem. Consult with an expert if you’re concerned that the plumbing system in your home isn’t up to par.

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