5 Gallon Jerry Can Tip

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5 Gallon Jerry Can Tip

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Since the passage of the CARB compliant gas can law (Another reason to force Commifornia to secede) all gas cans and gas can lids sold in this country have to have that crazy vapor lock on them. Without getting into the fact that the extra spillage associated with the new caps causes a lot more hazardous material to be released than the vapor it was trying to prevent (which by the way is still released when you open the darn thing), this effects preppers because you cannot get lids to the military 5 gallon jerry cans anymore.

I have seen several functional 5 Gallon Jerry Can gas containers in surplus stores around Tennessee, but I never bought them because they did not have lids.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that when we stole the idea from the Germans in North Africa during WWII, we redesigned the cans to use standard bungs from steel drums.

I did not want to take this at face value, so I went to Nashville Drum and Barrel to get a bung as well as a steel drum for a homemade charcoal post I am working on.

I do not get any compensation from them; they just have always treated me right so I wanted to pass their information to those interested. They are located in Fairview TN and their phone number is 615-799-9449. The reason I like these guys is not just that they are the only game in town for small purchases, but because when I tell them what I am doing, they try to get me a used drum that best fits the intended purpose. They will not sell you a used barrel for projects involving potable water, but they will tell you what was in the drum you are buying which is nice when you’re making a rain barrel of barrelponic setup.

Sometimes when I go to other stores and explain what I need and what I need it to do (home depot) the clerks get funny looks and tell me they don’t have the parts. So anyway when I told them about the bung fitting the jerry can, I was pleasantly surprised when no only had they heard that, but they GAVE me one just because they thought it was interesting.

So to get back on topic, the bung fit the jerry can perfectly, so I have a spare for my gas can, and from now on every time I find a jerry can on sale because it does not have a lid I am scarfing it up.

They are perfect for preppers, 5 gallons is a fine balance of weight for one man to carry, and capacity. They are strong, easy to store and stack, and because of the three grips on the top, one man can carry it by grasping the center handle, and two can carry one by grabbing the grips on each side.

Jerry cans are a wonderfully engineered product, let’s just hope modern government stops stealing bad ideas that collide with good ideas our past governments won by conquest…

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