Book Review: 52 Prepper Projects

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Book Review: 52 Prepper Projects

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52 Prepper Projects is a book about self-reliance and the journey toward a more self-sufficient life.

The author, David Nash, has been a “prepper” his entire life, and has always tried to learn how to do things instead of searching out where to buy things.

This book is designed to start with simple projects and progress to more complex projects as the reader gains more skill and confidence. Each project in this book can be completed with simple hand tools and many projects build upon tools and skills created in earlier projects.

The 52 Prepper Projects Book is full of projects like the ones in this site – actually some of the projects are on this site – but in the book they are better documented and arraigned in a manner that makes sense, rather than put here whenever I feel like it.

This book is a companion to the tngun website, and while some feel like I should not publish a book that has material I have given away elsewhere, I feel like the projects in the book are worth having on paper in the even the internet is ever throttled or shut down.

This is more likely to happen than most American’s think, so having paper copies of things you find important is becoming more vital every day.


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