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52 Prepper’s Projects for Parents and Kids

Book Review: 52 Prepper's Projects for Parents and Kids
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Prepare your child for the unpredictable through 52 prepper projects. Teach them basic outdoors survival skills, first aid, how to create their own “bug-out bag,” and more.

This was a fun book to write, I love trying out DIY Projects, and this time I got to try them out thinking about which ones would be fun and still teach something to my boy.

Some of these projects are age  appropriate to little kids, but many are best suited for middle school or older children.

Each project in 52 Prepper’s Projects for Parents and Kids has the reasoning for each project along with a discussion starter at the end of each project.

Its not just about doing something with your children, or even having them do something.  The main idea of this book is to teach your kids how to be self reliant and think for themselves.

Unfortunately critical thinking skills and personal responsibility are things that are lacking in out society.  This book is meant to help reduce that issue while still being fun and useful.

If you have projects you have done with your kids, even if they aren’t in the book, I would love to hear about them.

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