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6 Best DIY Dog House Ideas

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Does your dog spend time outdoors? If so, it needs a place to escape the harsh weather. A dog house will not only shield it from the elements but also provide a safe and comfortable place to relax.

You can buy a dog house or build one. The former can be expensive. The latter can cost you as little as nothing if you have supplies such as timber and shingles lying around unused.

So, you have chosen the DIY option? But do you have a plan? Well, below is a collection of six of the best DIY Dog House types.

1. Simple dog house

If you know your way around a hammer, table saw, square, and paintbrush, you can build this simple dog house.

It has a floor that sits above the ground to prevent rainwater from entering. Also, the raised floor helps protect your dog from the cold of the ground during the winter.

Before building the roof of this house, consider your dog’s behavior. Does it like to sit on the house or busk outside in the grass? Shingles and roll roofing can get the house hot in the summer. So, if your dog prefers to sit on the house, slanted plywood would do for the roof.

2. Gazebo Dog House

Do you have a dog that prefers to spend time indoors? Building him this cute gazebo in your backyard might encourage him to spend some time outdoors, particularly during sunny days.
Like with other dog house plans, you start with the floor and the frame. However, since this is a gazebo, you will only close three sides with horizontal wood slats. Preserve the wood by staining or painting it.

You do not need plywood for the floor. You can build a pallet dog bed, ensuring the pieces of timber on the top side are close together. Speaking of beds, check out the reviews of the best dog beds on

For extra comfort, throw in a mattress (as shown in the photo). You can personalize this house by hanging a tag with your dog’s name.

3. Modern dog house with light

This modern dog house uses plywood on the sides and pallet slats on the floor, porch, and roof. We call it modern for two main reasons:
It has a porch space that allows you to add a light. In modern-day life, sometimes, you must come home late. The solar-powered light on the porch of this dog house will make your dog feel safe even after dark.

The roof slides open like how a lid on a box opens. This roof design allows easy access to the interior of the doghouse for cleaning and making minor repairs.

4. Country dog house with porch

The porch provides shade during the summer while the other end is enclosed enough to provide shelter during harsh weather. And, all you need are 2 × 4 timber slats for the siding, treated pine for the frame, half-inch exterior plywood for the dog house deck, and tin roofing.

As a DIYer, one thing you can’t lack is a paintbrush and some leftover paint to finish this dog house. This dog house is for any size of a dog. Whether you make it large or small, it will not lose its functionality.

5. Pallet dog house

This is probably my favorite DIY dog house idea,

For this dog house, you begin by building the frame using pallet slats, crossbeams, and solid pillars. Then work on the sidings using more slats. Staining the wood protects it from weather elements and gives the dog house more visual appeal.

However, before you begin, consider the dog house dimensions. You want enough deck space for the actual house and verandah.

6. Basic A-Frame dog house

This doghouse is for the small- and medium-sized dogs. The sidings and front of this house require 3/4-inch exterior plywood. Plywood is solid; unlike slats, it does not have joints. Therefore, it increases the insulation of this dog house.

For the base, you will need pressure-treated wood. Use shingles on the roof for added aesthetic value and more insulation.

I hope that as a DIY’er these 6 ideas of the best DIY Dog House ideas helps you make a plan.

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