6 Best Dog Breeds for Preppers

6 Best Dog Breeds for Preppers

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In a dangerous world, the right dog can help you survive outdoors, hunt, and keep you safe.

The vast majority of dogs are easily trained to fulfill a wide array of tasks. However, each breed has particular instincts that helps it excel in a specific area.

If you are wondering what are the best dog breeds for preppers, you will have to factor in your preferences and needs.

Whichever breed you choose, training the dog and spending as much time as possible with him will help you discover his strong suits and weak points.

1. Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies are not only strikingly beautiful but also very clever, devoted and a good worker. Huskies like to dig, jump over fences and chew through. Dubbed “escape artists”, huskies are always alert and full of energy. However, it’s worth noting that this breed requires extensive exercising on a daily basis and a lot of training. The Siberian Huskie is a good breed for preppers who have a lot of free time on their hand and who are ready to invest time and effort into teaching the dog everything he needs to know.

The Siberian Huskies lifestyle should include hikes, long walks, bike rides and even playing Frisbee. Adult huskies need a lot of space to roam. They enjoy people’s company and they love playing with other dogs.

2. Collies

The Collie is extremely intelligent, adventurous and fearless. They are loyal and make for loyal companions. Widely known as great family dogs, Collies would make an excellent prepper dog due to its hunting and guarding instincts. It’s not difficult to train Collies. Treated gently and given encouraging reinforcements, pups easily transform into clever and loyal adult dogs, ready to defend their master.

Collies are very social and thrive on people’s company. They should never be left alone too long, otherwise they can become fearful or shy. This popular breed has been used in the past for rescuing, herding, searching and guarding.

3. Pointers

Pointers are great for bird hunting. Their excellent eye sight helps them spot predators and intruders and they can be trained to alert you. This breed loves to roam freely and requires a lot of activities to stay fit and entertained. Energetic and athletic, pointers need to run on a daily basis. Pointers don’t make good watchful dogs, but excel at hunting. In a dire scenario where you have to hunt if you want to survive, a Pointer will be your best companion.

4. Bernese Mountain Dogs

The ideal choice for outdoors, the Bernese Mountain dogs, or the Berner, is calm, clever and good-natured. It is great for protection and herding. Easy to train, the Bernese Mountain dog is helpful for preppers because they can withstand tough weather conditions, have a lot of energy and are great trackers. This breed will help you carry supplies and pull carts. Berners are easy to train and very loyal. However, they are very sensitive and can be hurt by severe corrections.

5. Giant Schnauzers

The perfect breed for guardianship, the Giant Schnauzer is imposing, muscular and brave. The Giants require a lot of care and attention but are very loyal and eager to please. They are suitable for preppers thanks to their courage, alertness and very high intelligence. Giant Schnauzers require a lot of activities and exercise on a daily basis. Generally a healthy breed, Giants are easy to train and are extremely fond of their masters. Their main characteristics are obedience, guarding and agility.

6. Doberman Pinschers

Dobermans’ reputation precedes them. When we think about them we imagine a ferocious dog. But there’s more to them than meets the eye. They are trustworthy and very loyal. They boast incredible guarding abilities and are very protective. Dobermans are always alert and they are also fearless. For this reason, a Doberman Pinscher will always act if he thinks his master is in danger. Dobermans are very intelligent and reliable. At the same time, they are playful, require a lot of roaming space and daily physical exercise.

A Last Word on Dog Breeds for Preppers

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