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60 Uses for Vinegar

60 Uses for Vinegar
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I have made my own vinegar, I did it to see it I could, as well as to use some up some of my homemade wine experiments.  It is my goal (once my farm is finished) to try my hand at making balsamic vinegar, but as that takes several years and many barrels, I will stick to the traditional uses for vinegar.

Besides cleaning, I personally enjoy vinegar in cooking.  One of my favorite projects was using my homemade vinegar to make homemade mustard from seeds I grew.  I will tell you though, store your vinegar well.  I was not careful and some leaked onto a old gun I had stored near the jugs and the vinegar ate the parkerizing right off the metal and caused some pitting.

As a home chemical, vinegar has some amazing uses, and you can do much more than 60 things with it.

I hope that this PDF, and all the other PDF’s and posts on this site continue to be useful to you.

I would ask that you contact me or leave a comment if you have suggestions on how to make this website more useful to you.

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