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7 Edible Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden

7 Edible Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden
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A garden improves the overall appeal of one’s property. However, aesthetic value is not its only strength. For one, you can grow fruits and vegetables to ensure fresh ingredients for your family. Instead of using trees and shrubs for ornamental purposes, it’s time to take advantage of edible plants. Here are 7 outstanding edible landscaping ideas perfect for your garden.

Place Vibrant Crops in Strategic Areas

Even vegetables can look good if they are organized. Place crops with vibrant colors at the front of your garden or at the center. Some of these colorful vegetables include scarlet kale, blue curled Scotch kale, and rainbow chard. Eggplants also come in purple, pink, white, and green.

Red fire lettuce provides a red and bronze shade while the Cimmaron romaine lettuce has a bronze color. Of course, tomatoes can provide colors such as red, purple, black, white, and yellow. Regardless of which you grow, you must remember how much space each of these crops needs to grow into maturity.

Make Use of Container Gardening

Some edible plants such as cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes spread faster than you’d expect. Thus, your landscape might become ruined if there’s overgrowth. If you still want to grow these crops without worrying about them invading other areas, you can try planting them in containers.

No matter how fast a plant develops, it will have a limited amount of space and soil to occupy. Furthermore, one of the best things about container planting is how you can place them beside your garden pathway. These crops would have an ornamental function before they get harvested.

Grow Edible Flowers

You don’t always have to harvest your edible plants. Sometimes, it’s better to leave them in your garden as their flowers bloom. For example, artichokes and onion chives provide purple flowers. Try growing a bunch of them together to have an edible patch of flowers.

In addition, even popular flowers such as roses can be grown. Rose petals, especially the darker varieties, have a nice flavor. Just don’t forget to remove the pistils and the stamens before you consume them.

Plant roses alongside chives since the latter helps repel pests that are harmful to roses.

Use Fences Against Animals

This might sound detrimental to enhancing the landscape, but putting up barriers is needed to keep them away from animals. Apart from wild animals such as rodents and squirrels, your pet dogs can ruin the edible plants. Even if they don’t destroy them with their teeth and claws, your pets could urinate on them and make them inedible.

Thus, it’s best to have a fence around your edible plants. You can increase the visual appeal fences by experimenting with colors. Go for the clean and traditional white fences. Another option is to paint the fences with colors such as yellow and blue since they complement the green foliage. Do this when you prepare garden for spring since cleaning and fixing the area is ideally done in this period.

Grow a Dwarf Fruit Tree

We all know that fruit trees can occupy a lot of space. Thankfully, there’s always the option to grow dwarf varieties. Delicious fruits such as plums, cherries, and apples all have dwarf varieties for you to grow in the ground or in big pots. In fact, you can utilize the fences you built to protect your crops from pets for these trees. A fruit tree that’s made to grow flat against a fence or a wall is labeled as being espaliered.

Here is a video of dwarf fruit trees:

Grow Herbs Vertically

Vertical gardening is a relatively new idea that’s growing in popularity. After all, it allows homeowners to maximize the area they have to have more bountiful harvests. Get a garden trellis and ensure that it’s stable enough to support the herbs.

Get the herbs you can to grow and place them in small pots. Afterward, hang them on the trellis using pot hangers. Irrigate them well and you’ll eventually have a lovely green wall.

Take Advantage of Raised Garden Beds

 Having a raised garden bed creates a sense of depth to your landscape. Furthermore, these also make it easier for you to grow your plants. You don’t have to amend any rocky soil if you have a raised bed filled with soil mix instead. Plants get more sunlight due to the elevation. Lastly, people and animals won’t accidentally step on your edible plants.

In conclusion, having edible plants in your garden doesn’t make it any less appealing. Make use of edible flowers and colorful vegetables. Learn the advantages of vertical gardening and planting dwarf fruit trees. We hope our tips can help you have a beautiful garden. If you have any questions, do send us a comment.

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