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Talking with 7 Trumpet’s Prepper

Talking with 7 Trumpet's Prepper
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I recently had a chance to talk with 7 Trumpet’s Prepper as he was traveling home after filming a show up in Alaska.

I do like and respect Lucas from 7 Trumpets, but I do have some things I like about Lucas but I also have things I disagree with.

My science education suggests to me that there is not such thing as free-energy.

You can try all of the methods you want but inefficiencies and friction do not allow perpetual motion.

I do respect his beliefs and his ministry, but once again Lucas and I do have some differences in religious doctrine.

We have a lot of similarities, I really enjoyed sharing with him our experiences in the failures we have as we try to make honest content.  Making videos by doing is hard and sometimes ideas fail

We also talk about our shared experience with Doomsday Preppers, and how frustrating it is of the negativity people have toward preppers and prepping in general as well as media bias.

I don’t agree with everything he said.  I know perpetual motion is impossible due to friction and drag but I can respectfully listen to other people’s opinion because I am not an asshat.


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