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84s 556 Semi Automatic Rifle AK Clone Firearm Manual

84s 556 Semi Automatic Rifle AK Clone
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This PDF is the manual for the Norinco 84s 556 Semi Automatic Rifle AK Clone.  It works just like the AK-47 even though it is a smaller caliber.

I have several thousand PDF manuals for differing firearms.  I collect them and as a firearm instructor I sometimes get questions on firearms I haven’t ever owned.  Having the manual allows me to share good information with my students.

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Personally I have only ever owned one AK style rifle – a Mak 90 I bought at Rose’s Department Store in Jacksonville North Carolina.

I enjoyed that gun, but as a red blooded southerner ‘Merica  I tend to gravitate toward a good old AR platform and typically don’t buy commie guns.

Joking aside, the AK platforms are reliable and well designed for the maker’s intentions and any gun owner would do well to gain and understanding of the AK manual of arms.

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