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86S Bullpup AK Firearm Manual

86S Bullpup AK
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This PDF is the manual for the 86S Bullpup AK.  It works just like the AK-47 even though it is a smaller caliber.

I have several thousand PDF manuals for differing firearms.  I collect them and as a firearm instructor I sometimes get questions on firearms I haven’t ever owned.  Having the manual allows me to share good information with my students.

The type 86s bullpup ak operates the same as other AK type rifles with the exception that the cocking handle has been places on the top of the receiver rather than the side.

The bullpup AK is good in the field because it balances extremely well against the shoulder allowing the shooter to maintain point of aim with less effort than conventional designs.

The forward grip is spring loaded and folds down or up by pulling the handle against spring tension out to one of the two locked positions.

The sights have three positions, 100, 200, and 300 meters.

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