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A Survival Scenario
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A Survival Scenario starts out giving you a survival scenario, but then transitions quickly into a guide for basic prepping.

It is a short introduction into the world of preparedness, and like I was when I started my journey it is heavily into defense against people.


I have grown as a prepper to realize weapon collection is only a piece of the prepper puzzle.  I find that skill growth and team building are probably more important as a whole.

I like the scenario based prepping idea though, it helps me to find holes in my plans and to understand how my team members think (misunderstands can be deadly in a disaster.

While a survival scenario has a good scenario, I typically use conflicted cards to stir up conversation about prepper scenarios.  at $14.95 I think the cards are a very good deal – the discussions this game facilitate are worth much more than the price of the cards. Personally I plan on bringing this to the next family gathering and seeing just what other members think…

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I have reviewed various conflicted card sets before, and while this post is not about the card sets, I think they fit in nicely with the idea behind today’s PDF share.


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