Adjusting the Propane to Air Ratio after the Propane Conversion

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Adjusting the Propane to Air Ratio after the Propane Conversion

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As the instructions from suggested, the actual conversion kit install took very little time, what took up my time was adjusting the propane to air ratio after the propane conversion so that the engine ran smoothly and started easily.

This is important because the air/fuel ration is much more critical when burning propane, it burns leaner than gasoline, because it has less BTU’s by mass so it is easy to adjust the fuel so that their is not enough fuel to burn, it is also temperamental in that it ignites at a higher temperature so it easily becomes too rich to burn.

The kit is able to fit on a wide variety of engines so it does take adjustment, the instructors say to set the fuel adjustment needle valve in the middle range by screwing it in fully the, backing it out 6 to 7 turns.  This should allow most engines to start.

Once the engine is started you can turn the screw 1/4 turns until you get the engine to run smooth.

If you can not get the engine to start look at the following for troubleshooting.

On the beam regulator (flat pancake looking device that) there is a brass cover that looks like a screw that is directly above the propane inlet line coming from the LPG tank.  The cover it should be 1 to 4 turns in.  Occasionally the screw this plat covers is tightened too much at the factory and since it regulated how much vacuum it takes to allow fuel to flow through the regulator – if it is backed in too deep the generator will never run.

Check your spark plugs, the propane ignites at a higher temperature so good ignition is more important than when running gasoline.

Check your air filter – its just good mechanizing practice to check fuel, air and spark.

When I did all three – replacing the spark plug, air filter, and ensuring the diaphragm adjusting screw was in the right place the generator started right up just as the instructions said.

I let the engine warm up and then made slight adjustments until it idled smoothly – then tightened the lock nut and showed my wife how easy the generator was to start now.

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