Free PDF: on Being Prepared for Bug Out

Advice on Being Prepared for Bug Out
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Advice on Being Prepared for Bug Out is a simple one page PDF with some information on the reasons for being ready to get out of dodge.

Most of it is common sense, and I covered a lot of it already, especially in in my bug out binder chapter of 52 Prepper Projects.

This particular document is a little more bias of the system than I tend to be, but I do share the idea of not going to an established shelter as a primary response.

Once your at a shelter you tend to be stuck, and as a rule your not going to be able to bring in yours tools or be able to overtly defend yourself.

Personally I have my own plan if I have to bug out, but in reality, unless I have a place to go or a verified – die if I don’t leave – issue, I plan on bunkering in my home and outlasting problems.

Advice on Being Prepared for BugOut

I know this was a pretty small download, currently I am slowly digging through about 3,000 documents of documents that are either not copywritten, or the copyright allows me to share in order to prioritize the best to be uploaded first.  When I loaded this one I was working alphabetically.


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