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Air Powered Machine Gun Blueprint

Air Powered Machine Gun
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This PDF is of an Air Powered Machine Gun that is looks a lot like a Thompson Sub Machine gun.

I have not built this myself, nor do I know anyone that has, but it looks like a pretty awesome build.

An Air Powered Machine Gun seems like a really cool toy, and this one claims to be as powerful as a .32, now a .32 is not the most powerful bullet around.

Actually a .32 acp is considered to be the least powerful round that one should carry as a backup weapon, and instructor I know would recommend it as a primary, but this is an air gun, and it is fully automatic, which – in certain circumstances may make a difference.

Don’t get me wrong this is a powerful Air Powered Machine gun, but it is a BB gun. It is not a defensive weapon, it is not suitable for hunting, or target practice. It is a cool toy, an adult toy. I think it would be awesome to show your buddies in a one up match – hey guys look at this…

I think it is worth making if you have the time and the skills, but for me it will not take a spot on my list higher than a real gun.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Caselman Air-Powered MG blueprints”]

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