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AK 47S Poly Legend Firearm Manual

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AK 47S Poly Legend Firearm Manual is today’s PDF Download.

This is a typical Semi Auto AK-47 Clone, imported from China. Made in the same factory that their military arms are built.

The most interesting thing I can say about this was once a conspiracy story of Chinese smuggling shipping containers of AK’s into the US in the Clinton years, but over the years has become an quietly understood fact.

Poly Technologies, INC. (POLYTECH) established in July 1984 functions as a procurement arm of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, General Staff Department, Equipment Division of Polytechnologies. This billion-dollar firm brokers Chinese-made weapons worldwide and has been notoriously accused of selling weapons of mass destruction to “rogue” nations, including Iraq, Iran and Burma. I

In 1996, after the FBI accused Polytechnologies of smuggling AK-47s into Oakland California, the firm abruptly closed its main Atlanta office and the firm’s top U.S. representatives disappeared.  It was later reported that officials at PolyTech Group, along with some high ranking generals in the Army and Politburo were arrested, tried, and punished for corruption, embezzlement, and illegal import/export activities. It is here where we believe the export activities were taken over completely by Norinco, who is the state owned industrial group<

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