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Alcohol Fuel Can You Make Your Own

Alcohol Fuel Can You Make Your Own is about making ethanol fuel, legally this is different than making moonshine.  The process is exactly the same until the end, but the license is much easier and cheaper to obtain.  The difference is fuel is denatured so that it is not drinkable.

The idea is that you get a fuel license for the BATFE and the alcohol leaves the still into a metered and locked container and is mixed with gas to make it non-potable, then it leaves out of a metered spigot.  You owe taxes for liquor on what leaves the still and get a refund for what leaves the nenaturing tank – the numbers have to match or you have an illegal moonshine still….

Dwindling petroleum supplies and growing environmental concerns are significantly impacting the cost of petro-fuel and its infrastructure. The search for alternative fuel sources has led to ethanol, a gasoline substitute that is already in the marketplace as Gasohol and E-85. But large-scale production of corn-based ethanol is controversial as it threatens the world’s food supply. There are alternatives, however: Brazil uses sugar cane, which is up to six times more productive in energy conversion.

After the energy crisis of the 1970s, there was a lot of misinformation about the cost of individual ethanol production. In order to achieve energy independence from gasoline, ethanol lends itself to small-scale production, and especially to cooperative ventures in rural communities, often using “waste” feedstock.

Alcohol Fuel is a practical, grassroots book that will give readers all the information they need, covering every aspect of making and using ethanol for fuel

Alcohol Fuel Can You Make Your Own


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