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Alone in the Wilderness

Alone in the Wilderness
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This Alone in the Wilderness by Knowles is not the same as the Dick Proenneke video that PBS uses to get viewer subscriptions twice a year.

This is a separate and different book describing Knowles experience living alone in the Canadian wilds on the shore of Lake Megantic.

The Proenneke video shows his life in Alaska.

This is well written book, and would be pretty interesting to a boy that likes hunting and camping.  There is outdoor skills you can learn from this document, but it is not a how to book.

This book is a documentary of the author’s experience – a mini-autobiography.

I have this to read for entertainment, and as such it is still useful as it is a true story, and has information that I may apply in outdoor situations.

You need to fill your mental file cabinet with useful things so that it can pull out those things when you have problems.

If all you store away is drama from the bachelor or 50 shades of grey then you won’t have what it takes to survive if the power goes out.

I think if you have a child that doesn’t like to read, books like this could make a difference.

Alone in the Wilderness
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