Atlas Shrugged

Book Review: Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged is a book that people either love or hate depending on their point of view and how many times they have read it.

I read this book once a year, and have for the past several years, and each time it becomes clearer and much more useful.  This year I read it prior to going to the Atlas Shrugged Part II premier, and was particularly aware of the connections between Rand’s fictional world, and the world I live in.

While I don’t agree with everything she stood for, especially the cult that formed around her, I have enough in common with her world view to appreciate what she was warning us about.

I do think by the end she sort of dialed it in with the last few pages being of a lower quality than the beginning – and for the life of me I can’t understand the Dagny love triangle – the men in her life sure gave up on her easy for the amount they said they loved her – but hey I guess I am not as “rational” as they are.

I believe that all people interested in self-reliance and personal responsibility should read this book enough times that they fully understand what she is trying to say – even if it takes a big commitment in time and effort to get through this large book.

I think it is worth it.

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