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How to Keep Aluminum Foil in its Box


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This Aluminum Foil Tip is another one of those quick tips I was surprised I did not know so I share it with the expectation that most of you already know this but it may be new to some of you.

I have a problem in my pantry in that the aluminum foil, wax paper, parchment paper and the like slide out of their boxes and get everything all messed up.

What I learned the other day is that many manufacturers put a cut out at both ends of their wrapping box so that you can press the cut out and a tap sticks out inside the box and keeps the tube of material in place.

Its a modern miracle and works great for me.

I learned while doing this post that my own wife was someone that did not know this tip.  She grew up sheltered, but I had no idea how sheltered….  LOL

Anyway, this tip will help keep your foil cut straight and in the box.  Which for some reason really bothers me.

I’m not OCD but some things tickle my brain and having a cabinet full full of empty foil boxes next to rolls of foil and parchment paper because they all fell out of the box drives me insane.

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