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American Boys Book of Bugs & Insects

American Boys Book of Bugs & Insects
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American Boys Book of Bugs & Insects is another Dan Beard Book, I am sharing the ones I have, because I can imagine how much fun I would have had as a boy if I had access to these books. I owned a few similar type books as a child and I loved to read them and imagine myself having adventures

Of course, I was lucky to live on a State Park, so I had a few good adventures of my own, so it was not all reading and dreaming in a book, I had a fair amount of dirt time.
My son is now of the age to want his own Book of Bugs & Insects, and the ones currently available are sanitized and full of stickers. I want him to be able to get out and have his own book inspired real life dirt adventures.

From the introduction:
AMONG the little folk of this world known as the insects, we find almost as many traits of character as we do among the human beings. We have the idle insects, the industrious insects, the warlike insects, the robber insects, the dead-beat insects, the stupid insects and the intelligent insects.

We also have among them the low, degraded insects, dirty insects, clean insects, the sluggish slow-moving insects, the bright lively insects, the useful insects and the beautiful insects; all of them are interesting,all of them in one way or another are of vast importance to man, and a study of their habits is not only a source of fun but it is also a most useful study. Besides which, boys, nature lovers live longer and happier lives than ordinary people!

American Boys Book of Bugs & Insects
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