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Free PDF: The American Boys Engineering Book

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I love books like The American Boys Engineering Book, they are fun ways to learn to do things.

If you don’t believe me check out their foreword:

This is a play-book and not a text-book of engineering – a book full of fun, not fun at the expense of another, but the real fun and joy of making things.  It is characteristic of the real American boy to design and fashion things with his on hands.  You be sure, the creative instinct in more conspicuous in some than in others, but, be it apparent or latent, the instinct is really there in every boy and needs but the proper stimulus to bring it into active evidence.  It is this stimulus that the following pages seek to furnish.

If you have a youngster that you don’t recognize because their head is buried in a screen, then replace it with a hammer, some nails, and this book….

They may complain for a second, but in the end they will thank you.

The American Boys Engineering Book and books like it teach kids to be doers and not talkers, if you want to raise a cubicle drone, then this book isn’t necessary, but if you want raise a leader then you should check it out.

The American Boys Engineering Book
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