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An Elementary Experimental Chemistry

An Elementary Experimental Chemistry
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By the end of 2020 PDF Downloads like An Elementary Experimental Chemistry are going to ensure that I dominate the internet on searches for 200 year olf Chemistry manuals.

l have went in depth about why I am posting them, and I am limiting them to one a week, at some point I will figure out a better way to categorize them and lump them together like I do the firearm manufacturers manuals.

Unfortunately, these all have different authors, different publishers, and different mindsets.  Some of these books are textbooks, others are more of lab notes from the experiments of the authors, so it is hard to just lump them in a pile called chemistry books.

I bore you with this material because I have noticed that access to this kind of knowledge is becoming more and more limited.

Publishers like loompanics and linsey books have went away – knowledge that is not mainstream is considered dangerous. Legal constructs like constructive possession are allowing people to be convicted of breaking laws that weren’t broken. If you don’t believe me google shoestring machine gun, where the US government ruled a shoestring constituted an illegal machine gun.

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