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An Elementary Study of Chemistry

An Elementary Study of Chemistry
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An Elementary Study of Chemistry is another old manuscript that has lost its copyright.  Like the other Chemistry PDFs, it ia probably overkill.  However, I have been swearing I would share these PDF documents for years.

The chemistry category is not the largest category of PDF’s I have, but it is pretty significant.  I have an interest in what is academically known as energetic materials.  Fortunately, I know what prison is like so my interest is purely and solely academic in nature.

I’ve been lucky enough to take some pretty cool government classes on the topic, and hold an instructor rating in response to terrorist bombings, but I don’t have a license so I stick to tannerite and old books.  One day I plan on having a high explosive manufacturer license, but I don’t have the land for a required bunker yet.

I do, like to do other things revolving around prepper chemistry, and I’ve toyed with a book on the subject.  one like Caveman Chemistry, but less educational and more recipe based.

However, I am so late on $100 Homestead I can’t afford to play with any other writing projects.

I think the study of chemistry is worth looking at, especially at the price I am charging for the information…

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