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An Introduction to the Study of Chemistry (1901)

An Introduction to the Study of Chemistry (1901)
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An Introduction to the Study of Chemistry was written by Ira Remsen, a Professor of CHemistry at John Hopkins University.  The 6th edition was published in New York by Henry Holt and Company in 1901

Dr. Remsen writes:

Since the appearance of the last edition of this book many important discoveries have been made in Chemistry. In preparing the new edition the author has endeavored to include all discoveries that come within the scope of the book.  It is believed that nothing that could fairly be looked for in a book of this size has been omitted.

The experiments have not been essentially changed. The question whether it was advisable to introduce a larger number of quantitative experiments was fully considered. The conclusion reached was that, in the time generally available, it would be impossible properly to perform a larger number of such experiments than is described in the earlier editions.

That has been our experience in our first year’s course, and it has been the experience of many teachers who have kindly given the author the benefit of their advice. Some account of the new theory of solutions is given, and its application to the explanation of reactions that take place in water solutions receives consideration. It would, of course, be an easy matter to go further into this subject, but it does not seem to the author wise to do so in the earliest stages of the study of Chemistry.

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