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Animal Products

Animal Products
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Animal Products, their preparation, commercial uses and value, is an old document, but I still find it useful.

It is dated, and you would probably get in trouble if you followed their guidance on whales and seals, but that does not mean its information of common farm animals is not useful.

If you don’t have a background in hunting, and are starting in animal husbandry, the butchering and processing of animals can be a little daunting.

I remember the first time I tried to butcher a chicken.  I made an awful mess.  Large animals are even harder.

I bought some pigs, but I haven’t quite got the set up ready to butcher them, which makes me sad, as homemade bacon is the highlight of my life – not really, but I do love good bacon.

Anyway, animal products is a historical document that still has use on the farm. It is an interesting historical read, and was actually created by a historical commision so the information would not be lost.

I like that kind of book personally, as knowing how people did things before the internet interests me, and I like books and things I can hold because I am afraid that one day the internet may not be around.

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