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Apiary Registration

Apiary Registration
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This post is about required Apiary registration in the state of Tennessee, according to the state website:

“The Apiary Act of 1995 includes a section on registration of apiaries.  In the Apiary Act, new apiaries are required to be registered with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  These apiaries are required to be re-registered every 3 years.  The list of registered beekeepers and apiaries is maintained by the State Apiarist and upon registration; the beekeeper receives a unique registration number.  This number is the beekeeper’s personal registration number and can be used to brand hives and equipment.”

Registration is easy, and free.  You can also register with your County Extension Agent offices, your local beekeeper association.

Failure to register earn you a $500 fine as well as confiscation your bees and beekeeping equipment.  However if you register and if your colonies have to be destroyed due to American Foulbrood or other regulated pest or disease you may be compensated by the State Department of Agriculture.

I registered a month ago, and I just got my registration number in the mail.

I now have to build my hives and stencil that number on them for tracking purposes.

I scavenged some broken pallets that they were going to throw away at work, and I have broken them down into usable wood.  This weekend I plan on making a Top Bar Hive.

I also need to join the Tennessee Beekeeper’s Association  since I don’t have a clue about what I am doing other than copious amounts of internet research and book study.

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