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How to install an AR-15 Dust Cover


How to install an AR-15 Dust Cover
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This AR-15 Dust Cover Install was not hard.  While I have made a bunch of AR-15 lowers, I never attempted an upper build because I thought it was hard.  Once I did it I found out it was pretty easy.

You don’t need much in the way of tools.  All you really need is a pair of needle nose pliers.

This is pretty simple, but it took me a while to get it just right.

The video was only 3 minutes, it took me about 15 in real life.

Parts for a AR-15 Dust Cover Install:

  • Stripper Upper Receiver
  • Dust Cover
  • Dust Cover Pin
  • C-Clip (its tiny buy a couple)
  • Dust Cover Spring

Make sure you line the spring up correctly as you put the pin in.  I found this to be the hardest part.  I used the needle nose pliers to hold the spring in the right orientation as I put the pin through.

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