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Installing an AR-15 Single Point Sling Mount

How to install an AR-15 Dust Cover
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In this post I will show how I go about Installing an AR-15 Single Point Sling Mount.  This is an easy project that a new AR-15 owner can complete with little experience.

I think it is an easy thing to add to the gun, and even if you don’t always use a single point sling you can keep it without adding a lot of clutter and weight.

Personally I prefer a 2 point sling based upon my marksmanship training in the Marines, but many people prefer the one point sling.

To do this modification you don’t need much in the way of tools, but you will need a buffer tube wrench which is a specialty tool tool made for an AR-15.

Installing an AR-15 Single Point Sling Mount

  • First remove the stock.  In the one I have there is a long screw that holds it in place, others have a nut around the buffer tube.
  • As you remove the stock beware that there is a long skinny spring that holds the detent pin for your rear take-down.
    • Don’t let that spring shoot out or get kinked up.
  • Unscrew the buffer tube,
  • Next add your AR-15 Single Point Sling Mount it goes between the lower and the buffer tube.
  • Screw your buffer tube back in.  Take care to ensure you do not cross thread the fine aluminum threads.
  • As you must take care that the spring that holds the detent pin is pressed in straight and it does not get kinked.
  • Tighten the buffer tube hand tight.
  • Screw on the castle nut snug using the buffer tube wrench.

Why a Single Point Sling?

To conclude,  I don’t think a single point sling is appropriate for all occasion.  Most times I thing a two point sling is better.  However they work well when you are working around vehicles.  It allows you to drop the gun and go “hands on” without losing your gun.  However, a single point sling it is worthless for carrying a gun long term while hiking.  Finally, it does not support the rifle while shooting like a 2 point sling can.

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