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ARC Be Ready

The American Red Cross “Be Ready” program is designed to help kids learn about basic disaster preparedness without being fearful.  The Prepper Pete Series from Chaplain Kermit Jones does the same thing but with better pictures.

I reviewed the Prepper Peter books a few years ago and still enjoy them with my son.

The Red Cross Be Ready program created animal experts to teach proper disaster response.

Disaster Dog knows earthquakes, Cool Cat teach about home fires, and Ready Rabbit is the expert on winter storms,

This program encourages self reliance and a positive “can-do” attitude.

Preparedness saves lives, and the earlier you can start your children on the path of self reliance the stronger that lesson will be absorbed.

For my house, preparedness is not about how many buckets of wheat can we store, but rather how well we can adapt and thrive during crisis.

I think this Be Ready program is a fine example of that, abd while I am normally not a fan of the Red Cross, I like this program.

Its interesting because this was a special program created by the Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross, and to my knowledge has not been adopted Nationally.

That is a shame.

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