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Arms & Arms Makers

Arms & Arms Makers
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American Arms & Arms Makers by Robert Gardner was written in 1938, during a high point in American gun culture.

Colonel Robert E. Gardner has been collecting small arms for over forty-two years and, at the same time, studying the history of their makers and identifying marks they may have used. His own collection, an extensive one, includes a small cannon made for the Duke of Flanders in 1570, some helmets beaten by hand out of a ball of metal, from the same year, and an 1803 Spanish pistol.

It is nice to be able to use old books to research old guns, and this one is out of print, I could fine other of Col Gardner’s works on Amazon, but not this one.  In actuality and internet search on this title did not bring up much at at.

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Also in the event you are interested, all of these gun documents I am posting can be found on the disk I have listed to your left.  Additionally to the hundreds of documents I have posted, I have hundreds of gun patents (mostly suppressors) as well as class PowerPoints and targets. all for $5.

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