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Army Pro Shooting Tips: How to Speed Reload a Pistol


Army Pro Shooting Tips: How to Speed Reload a Pistol
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This YouTube video is of Corporal Travis Tomasie of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit teaching the speed reload.

I have shared other videos of Tomasie performing a speed reload.  His speed seems amazing, and it is pretty impressive, but it is doable if you have the same drive and devotion to practice that he has.

There is nothing fancy or impossible about his speed.  It is simple the result of perfect practice repeated repeatedly.

Learn From the Best – Practice What You Learn

If you want to know how to speed reload a pistol watch the video and learn from a great shooter.

If you want to speed reload quickly apply that knowledge with hours of practice.

One thing I would add to this video concerns practice.  I like to stand over my bed so that my magazines land on the bed.  I don’t do this because I am afraid of hurting them when they hit the floor.  I do that because it saves me time picking them back up so I get more practice in a single session.

I load up my belt with all my magazine holders and go through each magazine and then pick up all the magazines and restart.

It is also helpful to ensure at least one dummy is in the magazine.

Practice Constantly: It is the Cost of Competency

Practice over and over until you get your speed to where you want it and then practice more because you won’t function perfectly under stress.

If this sounds like overkill in discussing the need for practice then practice until you get it.  I cannot stress enough how speed like this is achieved only though dedicated practice that is done perfectly.

Don’t slap dash through it and try to get speed by sloppy action.  It won’t happen.  Go slow and be precise in your movements. A thousand half speed repetitions will build speed faster than anything else you can do.  Whereas sloppy repetitions done under what you think is extreme speed will make you perform worse.

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