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Army Pro Tips: Shotgun Reloads


Army Pro Tips: Shotgun Reloads
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Robbie and Daniel with the United States Army Marksmanship Team show you how to be faster with shotgun reloads.

Like the Army Speed Reload video, the key to this is first understanding the motions and the practicing them perfectly.

There are two types of reloads taught in this video.  The side saddle reload and the weak hand reload.

The weak hand reload the Staff Sergeant shows in the video is functionally very similar to the combat load that I learned from the Department of Correction.

I like it better because it allows for more situational awareness and you keep your dominant hand on the gun.

However, the side saddle reload may be a little faster.

To me, I think a few thousandths of a second difference is not as important as keeping your head up and the shooting hand on the gun.

I also don’t think the differences in either method of shotgun reloading are as important as a good combat mindset and the willingness to practice a shotgun reload method diligently enough to get it down to an unconscious effort.

Practice makes perfect, perfect practice makes a shot-guner fast.

If you want to see what practice can do, look up Clint Smith’s video on his shotgun technique.  He runs an old double barrel like these soldiers run their semi-autos.

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