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Daves Homestead Posts

How to Build a Fence

I needed a fence, both to get my dog off of a chain and because a neighbor dog killed 5 of my 8 chickens. It is true that Tennessee law allows a livestock owner to kill a dog that is killing livestock, that’s not really an option for me at this time. Besides with a fence I can get a Great Pyrenees that my lovely bride wants, as well as some dwarf milk goats that I want.

Modification of the Cold Steel Bird and Trout Neck Knife

Recently while working outside I misplaced my CKRT Neck Peck neck knife. This was a huge loss for me as I really like having a neck knife, its easy to carry, and always there. I do know that there is a lot of tactical questions about a neck knife, especially from a ground fighting perspective, but as a middle aged fat guy that works from a desk, I doubt I will be ground fighting near as much as I will be cutting open packages….