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AS2259 HF NVIS Antenna Erection Procedure

AS2259 HF Antenna Erection Procedure
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AS2259 HF NVIS Antenna Erection Procedure is a military course to set up a specific antenna.

From the manual:

The NVIS Antenna AS-2259/GR is a lightweight, sloping dipole, omnidirectional antenna. It is designed
to be used with an AM radio operating in the HF range of 2 to 30 MHz. It provides high angle radiation (near vertical incidence) to permit short-range sky wave propagation over communications circuits varying from 0 to 300 miles.It can be used with tactical HF radio communications equipment that tunes a 15-foot whip antenna. Examples of such equipment are the AN/GRC-106 and the IHFRs (AN/PRC-104A and AN/GRC-213/193A).

The procedure listed in this PDF can be used for other antennas, if you understand the basics then you can modify to fit your situation. Antenna erection procedure is basic common sense with a little technical knowledge.  I have helped set up large antenna and I am not a commo tech by any stretch of the imagination.

I got my ham radio technician license by taking practice tests over and over until I routinely passed.  I don’t have a deep understanding of the principles, I only want to know how to talk to the people I need to talk to.

I understand that I probably should know more, but I also know that no single person can no (or do) everything.

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