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ATF P 5400-7 Explosives Laws & Regulations

ATF P 5400-7 Explosives Laws & Regulations
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ATF P 5400-7 Explosives Laws & Regulations is a hard to get manual from the BATFE – I say hard because I have asked for it from their website 8 times and am told that it is out of stock.  It should not be hard to get because it is the manual people use to stay legal.

Now, this PDF is probably out of date so don’t use it as your sole source of US explosive law, but if you are thinking about getting a license and don’t want to get on the radar asking questions, then this is a good start.

I have been looking into getting a magazine and my own high explosive license, for me it is the stand off distances as the shape of my land is awkward. If you have some money and the time to follow the laws it is not that difficult to get a license. Its tedious, and mistakes are costly as the BATFE is not known for having regulatory agents that are helpful.

I asked an agent a question on fuel distillation once, it was a specific question on metering and what they preferred to see and he started yelling “personal question! personal question” I was a little taken back as I was trying to get a relatively minor question answered. I had flashbacks to high school and people yelling “no you can’t touch me there for a dollar”.

It seems to me if a taxpayer is asking a regulator how to stay legal then they should get help.

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