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An Attached Solar Greenhouse

An Attached Solar Greenhouse
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The designs shown in An Attached Solar Greenhouse can be owner built for under $2.50 per square foot. Most of the needed materials can be purchased

at a local building supply store. The fiberglass and plastic glazing can be shipped to your home.

The book, An Attached Solar Greenhouse shows how, for a small amount of money you can build a solar greenhouse attached to your home that will:


  • Lengthen the growing season. For instance it is possible to have fresh tomatoes from May l-January
  • Add heat to the home.
  • Allow certain plants to be grown all winter.
  • Provide an area to get many vegetables and flower seedlings up early.
  • Insulate part of your house.
  • Add a pleasant living space to the home.

The rectangular shed roof examples shown are easy to build and maintain. If you understand the principles involved in the solar greenhouse, the size and shape are limited only by your building skills and finances.

This is a fine book, and is representative of the earth friendly books of the late 1970s.  Unfortunately this book is out of print, although you may find a few copies at the above link to Amazon.

This PDF is part of the CD3WD compiled by Alex Weir

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