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Audew 12 volt Dual Cylinder Air Compressor Pump

Audew 12 volt Dual Cylinder Air Compressor Pump
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I reviewed the Audew battery charger a few months ago, and the company sent me this compressor to try out.  This 6 pound 2.12CFM 12 volt air compressor is a great item to have in the car.   It costs $59.99 so its in the mid range of 12 volt are compressor prices.

I try to keep a small compressor in all the vehicles because you never know when you will have a flat.

I used to carry cans of fix-a-flat, until I learned the propellant was flammable (by having a blow out on the road turning a fixable hole into a shredded tire).

Now I keep slime and compressors in the car for a road side fix.

I have a picture to the right of the screen that links to the Slime kit I use for auto emergencies.

You know I believe in being prepared.  In my world, most of my little personal emergencies are car related – either the car won’t start with dead batteries, or tires went flat because I ran over screws or nails or whatnot.

This inexpensive air compressor and a jug or two of slime work together to give me some peace of mind when travelling.  I know that worse case I can limp along until I can get a better repair or a new tire.

Besides fixing tires, this 12 volt inflator pump comes with a variety of tips to inflate balls, boats, and other outdoor gear.  Personally I want to build a car rooftop solar water heater and use this to pressurize it so I can take hot showers while camping.

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