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Averting Death from the Skies

Averting Death from the Skies
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Averting Death from the Skies is an interesting article on building bomb and fallout shelters – those being two totally different animals.

It is interesting to me how mass media had no problem discussing preparedness in the 1950’s Today is such information is covered it is to degrade the prepared minded or during advertisement for the newest zombie movie.

If you have the resources to build such a shelter, it would be prudent to do so, remember anything strong enough to be used as a bomb shelter will work perfectly as a tornado shelter, a safe room, or secure storage.  Of course if you use it as a gun safe don’t try to fill it to capacity – you need to keep room in it for you and your family.

Averting Death from the skies is not a how to build article, it gives some tips, but it is more of an overview article.

I enjoyed reading it, but as I said at the beginning of this post, I am sad to see how far our mainstream media has fallen.  There is no way something like this would be in a national publication today unless it was a joke.  That is a shame, as I know there are a lot of people that would find such an article useful

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